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Radboud Sports Centre

‘Mens sana in corpore sano’- A healthy mind in a healthy body. The best clichés are the true ones.

Registering for a Radboud sports card gives you access to the gym and other facilities to keep your body in shape and give your mind a break. Besides hitting the treadmill, or pumping iron, you can sign up for more than 80 different classes or clubs at the sports centre. Whether you want to exercise your competitive streak or just want to round out your social life, there is a group for you.

New programmes start several times a year. The centre offers popular activities, including tennis, squash, fitness, volleyball, and of course typically Dutch sports such as ice skating and korfball. You can also try your hand at other activities like judo or sailing.

If you want to play sports at the Radboud Sports Centre, you need to have a valid sports card.
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Note: before you can use the fitness room you are required to attend an introductory class to learn how to use the equipment.

Radboud Sports Centre
Heyendaalseweg 141
T.: +31-24-3612392
F: +31-24-3612397
E: secretariaat@usc.ru.nl
I: www.ru.nl/sportscentre/

Radboud Sports Centre