Radboud University

Research Facilities

Whether you're studying how the brain processes language, the lifecycle stages of malarial mosquitos, or capturing the first images of black holes, Radboud gives you access to some of the best research facilities in the world.

In the field of health, Radboud University medical center (UMC) is investing in new, state-of-the-art operating rooms, and partnering with the private sector to promote innovation and cost efficiency in the medical field. Radboud University also hosts NIRS-EEG, and 3-Tesla MRI which are being used to measure brain activity in the field of neurology. And in behavioral science, Radboud is home to the IMR decision making lab.

In the data department, the Radboud Data Science Center works with business and scientists researching such varied topics as genome sequencing and high performance computing.

For those interested in the natural sciences- on earth and beyond- Radboud’s astrophysics researchers are working with solar cells for use in space travel and are keeping their ears to the sky with the Radboud Radio Lab.

For a broader insight into Radboud research activities and facilities visit our research facilities page.

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