Radboud Green Office: Impact Partner

Want to make an impact from campus as a student or employee? You have come to the right place! Discover on this page how you can become active around sustainable themes and feel invited to share your own ideas by e-mail as well!


We need party planners and influencers!

RIF2022On 8 June 2023, the most sustainable party on campus will take place, with workshops, music and a lot of inspiration. And we are still looking for students who want to set this up with us. Will you organise the Radboud Impact Festival with us as a committee member? Or join our social media committee?

Make your home office more sustainable


What sustainability aspects do you have to deal with at your home office? And with what simple adjustments do you keep your footprint limited and does your energy go up? Do the Sustainable Home Office Check and you're ready to work more sustainably!

Team up with us on campus!


Don't miss this

15 February, 12.30 p.m.: Discussion 'Social Safety - What does it mean?
Why is it important, and who are responsible for a socially safe environment? Come and learn from Ombuds Officer Nancy Viellevoije-Geers. By Radboud Reflects

28 february, 8 p.m.: Lecture 'Limits on growth' (Dutch only)
Can we stop growing? Isn't growth too entrenched in our culture and who we are? Are the de-growth model, or the green growth model good alternatives? Come hear from social geographer Karolien van Teijlingen and philosopher Jeroen Linssen.

7 March, 12.30 - p.m.: Current affairs lecture 'Choosing water'
With climate change and more extreme weather, water management is becoming increasingly important. Come hear about the role of the Water Boards and the importance of voting. By Radboud Reflects

7 June: Radboud Impact Festival
The biggest sustainable party on campus! Stay tuned for updates at Instagram