Recycle on campus

Radboud Recycle defThe 'RADBOUD recycle' campaign calls on students and staff to hand in their old private data carriers (mobile phone, usb stick, laptop, tablet, hard disk, PC) at the ICT Service point in the Central Library. This is subject to the set conditions (pdf, 118 kB). We strongly advise you to make your data carrier data-free yourself.

Sustainable processing after return

After handing in your device, it goes to our permanent recycle partner D-Two. D-Two dismantles the data carrier and ensures proper, safe and environmentally aware processing of the raw materials. Any remaining data is removed, raw materials such as copper, gold, plastic and glass are reused and processed safely.

Herman van den Hengel, Radboud University Helpdesk Team Leader: "D-Two is a reliable partner of Radboud University and a specialist in data destruction on hard drives and safe disposal of hardware for over 10 years."

Now also for students and employees

Radboud University has long been using D-Two for discarded devices, but now it is also easily possible for students and staff to hand in discarded private data carriers. Reusable devices are checked, repaired if necessary and offered again for reuse.

D-Two and equal opportunities

D-Two employs people with disabilities and ensures that its employees enjoy working independently. Working with this partner contributes to a sustainable, healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all.

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