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About RYA

The Radboud Young Academy (RYA) was founded in October 2020. The RYA is a diverse group of young ambitious staff, working in different positions and representing all faculties. At their start within the RYA members are required to have obtained a PhD minimally 2 years and maximally 8 years ago, but do not need to hold a research position. This makes RYA unique among university young academies in the Netherlands. A membership takes four years and is open to everyone who is strongly motivated to develop their academic field and engage in interdisciplinary collaboration and to contribute to the academic culture of the Radboud University, Radboudumc and beyond. New members join RYA yearly and from 2024 the amount of members will be about 32.

Becoming a member

Every year interested candidates can apply for RYA membership. Our next application procedure will open in Spring 2024.

Board and members

  • Find out who are our members and what motivates them to be a member.

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Our mission

The RYA is a think tank of young staff who work at the Radboud University or the Radboudumc, and who have obtained a PhD. RYA members actively seek interdisciplinary collaboration inside and outside of the RYA and work towards establishing themselves as new leaders in their discipline. Aiming to improve academic culture, the RYA participates in debates on education, science, societal impact and leadership. It gives (un)solicited advice to the executive board of the Radboud University and Radboudumc, board of deans and university committees. The RYA is part of a national network of young academies and collaborates closely with the National Young Academy.

Regulations and annual reports


To contact RYA reach out to Moniek Riemersma, email: youngacademy@ru.nl.