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Recognition & Rewards in Limbo

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Recognition & Rewards in Limbo

Radboud Young Academy members share the everyday dilemmas they face in balancing research, teaching, societal impact, and academic citizenship.

Young academics are intrinsically motivated. But they also experience a lot of pressure: they face a large unpaid and invisible workload, their personal life is often characterized by multigenerational care obligations, and their careers are at a crossroads.

So, prioritize we must! But how? Should we strategize and focus on long-term goals? Or let the day-to-day work guide our schedule? Decolonize this course or mentor that aspiring PhD candidate? Invest in writing this grant proposal or develop that new online learning tool? Enroll for this leadership course or commit to that guest editorship?

Recognition & Rewards, the new vision towards a more diverse and team-based perspective on ‘excellence,’ holds great promise in guiding such prioritization. Instead of compelling everyone to excel in all domains of academic life – research, teaching, societal impact, and academic leadership – in theory it would allow academics to make more explicit choices about their academic focus and ambitions in ways that are complementary and flexible.

The slow progress of translating Recognition & Rewards visions into actionable guidelines and HR directives, however, means that the unrealistic pressure to do everything – and do everything well – continues to create dilemmas for young scholars who are seeking to consciously shape their careers amidst this uncertainty of what ‘really’ counts.

In this blog series, the Radboud Young Academy aims to show the dilemmas that arise in the limbo between current realities and promised change. We want to underline the importance of an operationalized Recognition & Rewards and make explicit what is at stake: the chance to really excel.

Blog 1: All-round is the new excellent, written by Mark Dingemanse

Blog 2: The clock is ticking… for young academics and for Recognition & Rewards, written by Nora Stel

Blog 3: Is it worth it?, written by Jorge Domínguez Andrés

Blog 4: Decisions, dilemmas, models, written by Femke Bekius

Blog 5: NWO and the fear of missing out, written by Shari Boodts

Blog 6: What defines an academic?, written by Jeanette Mostert

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