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RYA themes and projects

RYA teams are working on specific themes and projects. Members of the teams meet regularly to discuss their ideas and plans. The teams develop projects, write articles, organize events and meet with policy makers and other people from the Radboud University and Radboudumc. In this way the RYA aims to positively contribute to the academic culture.

Recognition and Rewards

  • Together with Radboud Reflects, and on behalf of RYA, the Recognition and Rewards team presents the Out of the Box podcast.
Recognition and Rewards

Societal Fans

The Radboud Young Academy believes that forging connections between society and science benefits both. While valued as ‘valorisation’ and having ‘a significant impact’, many of us had to learn what kind of activities fits us well by trial and error. Besides, young scholars are often seeking some starting point for giving their research more meaning.  The RYA's Societal Fans give insight into the many options available. They present a menu from which scholars can pick what they like or want to try. They are neither exhaustive, nor mutually excluding. And they reflect the RYA members' different styles and preferences. As societal fans we hope these Societal Fans inspire and help you.

Curious? Please order one or more copies of the Societal Fans or download the digital version (pdf, 754 kB).

Work-life balance

  • The work-life balance is an open working group that engages in discussions, creative projects and actions about topics such as academics’ working conditions, and potential forms of gender-, race- or class-relateddiscrimination, overwork, stress, burnout, mental health, and (self)care. This working group considers practices of solidarity, mutual respect, recognition as well as an intersectional approach to social justice as crucial components of a future-oriented academic culture, in which sustainable relations between academic work and life can be forged.   

  • This team presented the ABC of Care: a series of 26 postcards (one for each letter of the alphabet) with messages about self-care.

  • Humans of Radboud is a series of interviews with students and employees from Radboud University, about an healthy work-life balance and self-care, that is developed by the work-life balance team.
ABCare website

Open Science

  • On behalf of the RYA and in collaboration with the Open Science team, Eelke Spaak wrote an article about ideas towards more Open Science. Voxweb published this article.
  • Together with the University Library, the Open Science team is arranging that all RYA members could make their publications open access available, on basis of the Taverne Amendment
  • The Open Science team is intensively involved in the development of the Open Science program of the Radboud University.


The main goals of the RYA internationalisation team are:

  • Attract more international talent and strengthen international collaborations.
  • Harmonize titles with international customs to increase transparency and avoid underselling.
  • Make feel internationals more at home on campus.

The team has discussions about these topics with board members, policy makers and other employees from the Radboud University and Radboudumc.

Social safety

Team members of the social safety team aim to contribute to more social safety via discussions with the Executive Board of the University, confidential advisors and other employees. Read more about their ideas in this article published on Voxweb.


The diversity team is committed to promote and improve diversity and inclusion across the university. Members of this team have discussions with DEI officers and other employees from different faculties about their ideas.

Climate action

The climate action group initiated the Green Academy. This group of members from young academies across the Netherlands and some other experts in the field, aims to contribute to more sustainability within the Dutch academia. In May 2023 they came together for an in-depth workshop about this topic.

RYA supported initiatives that were initiated by Scientists4future (a group of worried climate scientists):

Ius promovendi

The ius promovendi team aims to reach that associate professors at the Radboud University receive the ius promovendi as a standard.

Course evaluations

The course evaluations team discusses how current practices of course and teacher evaluations could be improved.