Radboud University

RYA Recognises and Rewards Prize

The new ‘Recognition and Rewards’ is a trending topic, both at the national level and at Radboud University. The academic community is hard at work to tackle fundamental problems in the structure and culture of academia, problems concerning work pressure, research funding, assessment criteria etc. The Radboud Young Academy is involved in this program as well. A lot of the changes need to happen on the level of policy, but that does not mean we cannot take steps in the right direction in our immediate environment. We think academic success is too narrowly defined and we want to shift the focus from individual excellence to what we do for each other. That is why we are launching the ‘Radboud Young Academy Recognises and Rewards – prize’. For this award every employee of Radboud University and Radboudumc can nominate a colleague or colleagues who contribute to a healthy and effective work environment – in whatever way. Fate will decide 6 winners, who will each receive a gift certificate of 500 euros. The draw will take place once during the academic year and nominations can be submitted continuously.


Who would you nominate? Let us know by filling in the nomination form and give a sign of appreciation to your colleagues as well as a positive impulse to a healthier academic culture, in which we recognise and reward what is truly crucial for a flourishing university.