Radboud University

Dutch Research Agenda (NWA)

The overarching ambition of the Dutch Research Agenda (Dutch acronym NWA) programme is to provide a positive and structural contribution to the global knowledge society of tomorrow, in which new knowledge flows freely from researcher to user and where new questions from practice and society quickly and automatically find their way into new research. This can only be achieved by building bridges today in order to address the scientific and societal challenges together.

Four main lines

The NWO programme for the Dutch Research Agenda currently has four main lines that realise the aims and ambitions of the agenda.

Research along Routes by Consortia (ORC) encourages curiosity-driven research via open calls for research over a period of several years with broad, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary consortia with a (societal) objective on subjects relevant for science and/or society which have a clear added value for a broad, national approach. From the formulation of the research problem onwards, consortia must focus on that circularity and involvement of societal partners (including industry) as well as citizens.­­­­­

The Thematic Programming covers programmes that are suitable for a broad NWA approach and that are developed in consultation with government ministries

Innovations and Networks ensures innovation within the NWA and facilitates consortia and NWA routes.

Science Communication and Outreach is responsible for the NWA promise of bringing science and society closer together and increasing the trust in science by means of communication and outreach.­

Granted Radboud projects

Some examples of research projects at Radboud University and Radboudumc that have received a grant from the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA):