Radboud University

ERC grants

The European Research Council (ERC) awards grants to the best researchers in Europe. The ERC wants to stimulate innovative research. Scientists at Radboud University received ERC grants in different categories.

The beginning of life with droplets

How did a collection of molecules change into the first living cell? This question has inspired chemist Evan Spruijt. To get answers, he decided to build his own primordial cell. Supported by an ERC Starting Grant, Spruijt and his colleagues have launched a five-year project to get these cell precursors up and running. Read more

Global memory systems

All things that together compose our memories, from smells, sounds, tastes and images to emotions, are stored in different locations of your brain. How the brain can save all facets of memories as a single memory, remains unknown. Neuroscientist Francesco Battaglia goes in search for the answers with an ERC Advanced Grant. Read more

Integration, identity and citizenship


Betty de Hart, Anouk de Koning and Martijn Koster received an ERC grant for research concerning the regulation of mixed marriages in the past and present, interaction between immigrant parents and the state in Europe and civic participation in Europe and Latin America.

All ERC grants

In total, over 100 ERC grants were awarded to Radboud University over the past ten years. See for an overview per category: