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H2020 projects

Date of news: 8 January 2021

‘FINDER’ Foster Innovation Networks in a Digital Era

This European Industrial Doctorate partnership entitled “Fostering Innovation Networks in a Digital Era” (FINDER) will prepare a new generation of business and entrepreneurship researchers who will contribute to the development of innovative ecosystems in a digital era, leveraging the academic and industry expertise of both organisations, and developing their research capabilities to trigger innovative aptitude that transcend beyond the boundaries of the financial services to other - currently less digitally savvy sectors and less affluent stakeholders – as example of inclusive innovation. More

New Horizon2020 project on digitally driven collaboration

Taco Brandsen and Marlies Honingh (Department of Public Administration) are part of the winning European consortium INTERLINK, funded by the Horizon2020 programme. INTERLINK aims to overcome the barriers preventing administrations from reusing and sharing services with private partners (including citizens) by developing a novel collaborative governance model that merges the enthusiasm and flexibility of grassroots initiatives with the legitimacy and accountability granted by top-down e-government frameworks. More

Gender Equality Actions in Research Institutions to traNsform Gender ROLES (GEARING ROLES)

The GEARING-Roles aims at questioning and transforming traditional gender roles at the micro, meso, and macro levels, with four main objectives, namely female career progression, strengthening the gender dimension in research programs and methodologies, addressing gender imbalances in the representation, processes, and the promotion of women leadership in research institutions and building a sustainable long-term network of organisations advancing gender equality. More

Monitoring system for fruit storage to the market with FTI grant

Faculty of Science researcher Frans Harren has secured an H2020 Fast Track To Innovation grant of 2.2 million euros with a number of partners. Frans Harren: “With this new MAX-FRESH project we can realize the final steps to the market.” More

6 million euros to uncover link between metabolic and brain disorders

The 5-year long project called ‘PRIME’ (Prevention and Remediation of Insulin Multimorbidity in Europe) aims to unravel how brain disorders throughout life can be traced to alterations in insulin signalling and how this relates to the type 2 diabetes and obesity. More

Printeger project: Integrity is part and parcel of excellent research

PRINTEGER is one of the cornerstone projects funded by the EU to push forward the message of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and to create an EU research integrity community. More