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Nobel Prize in Physics 2010

Professor Andre Geim and Professor Konstantin Novoselov, both connected to the Radboud University, have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics 2010 for the discovery of graphene, the thinnest material in the world. They explored the material in the High Field Magnet Laboratory in Nijmegen and got essential help from professor Mikhail Katsnelson, theoretical physicist at Radboud University.

huldiging geim en novoselov
Andre Geim (right) en Konstantin Novoselov (left) are awarded with the Knight Commander of the Order of the Netherlands Lion

The discovery of graphene

After Geim and Novoselov discovered graphene they hastened from Manchester across the Channel to explore the extraordinary properties of the material in the High Field Magnet Laboratory in Nijmegen. Both know the lab very well from the time they worked at Radboud University. Konstantin Novoselov got his PhD here.

And it was here they met their fellow Russian theoretical physicist Mikhail Katsnelson who had been publishing about the properties of graphene even before the material was actually made.
Graphene is te thinnest material in the world and the flattest form of carbon (one atom thick), two hundred times more resistant to breakage than steel and is also the strongest material currently known to man. It is an excellent material for producing very thin, efficient electronic components.

The Nobel Prize Winners

Andre Geim (1958, Sochi, Russia) studied Physics in Moscow and obtained his PhD from the Institute for Solid State Physics in Chernogolovka (Russia) in 1987 . Geim is professor of Physics at the University of Manchester and professor by special appointment of Innovative Materials and Nanoscience at Radboud University Nijmegen.

Professor Konstantin Novoselov (1974, Nizjni Tagil, Russia) completed his PhD at Radboud University, under the supervision of Nijmegen Professor Jan-Kees Maan. Currentlu, he's professor of Physics at the University of ManchesterIn and in August 2013 Novoselov was also appointed as professor by special appointment of Elektronical properties of new materials at Radboud University.

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