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Regional EU funding schemes (ERDF, INTERREG)

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

The European Fund for Regional Development aims to enhance the innovative capacity of regional economies throughout Europe. It does this by supporting regional cooperation between SMEs, large companies, local governments and knowledge institutions.

In the easternmost part of the Netherlands, the subsidy program is coordinated by the OP-OOST Management Authority. OP-OOST develops a grants and subsidy programmes aimed at supporting the innovative capacity of regional SMEs, and does so for specific themes such as CO2 reduction, high tech systems and materials, health and sustainable economy. Radboud University participates frequently in EFRD projects, often as a lead partner. For Radboud University EFRD offers a key way to further its interactions with regional parties, such as SMEs and local governments.

The projects and grants department of Research and Impact (R&I) actively develops EFRD projects to acquire additional research funding for our researchers, and to set up long-term cooperation with regional partners. These projects also often offer opportunities to generate additional societal impact through research and cooperation.

An overview of awarded and current ERDF projects can be found here (pdf, 722 kB).


Is a European subsidy scheme for spatial and regional development. Parties from different countries work together on the projects that fall under Interreg.

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