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Interdisciplinary research projects on other university-wide research

Radboud University recognises the fundamental role of interdisciplinary research in addressing the major challenges facing society today. To encourage top level academic collaboration, interfaculty research programmes have been established.

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Radboud Interfaculty Complexity Hub (RICH)

Radboud Interfaculty Complexity Hub (RICH)

Complexity Science (CS) can be of great help in crossing borders between scientific disciplines in together working on complex problems of global importance. CS has its roots in mathematics and logic, and aims to decipher common mechanisms in complex adaptive systems that rely on dynamic interactions of multiple agents, which can be physical parts, organs, humans or living systems.

Examples of CS mechanisms are: emergence, resilience, transitions and tipping points, and self-organization in complex systems. Understanding of these mechanisms may help to improve our understanding of complex phenomena such as the collaps of the great barrier reef, human aging, and emergence and spread of Corona-virus.

To spread the Radboud expertise on Complexity Science RICH was started. Linking the departments of medicine, mathematics and physics, social sciences, management sciences and philosophy. The RICH interfaculty collaboration aims at developing a theoretical CS minor and promote and supervise interfaculty CS research master thesis projects.

More information: Prof. dr. M. Olde Rikkert
Faculties involved: Radboud University Medical Centre, Faculty of Science, Nijmegen School of Management and Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies.
Project started in: 2019