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Welcome to RICH!

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We are a network of researchers and students at Radboud University and Radboudumc with one common goal:

Find solutions to complex problems.

In everyday life, we are surrounded by complex systems:

  • Our ecosystems and global climate
  • Our transportation system and power grid
  • From ant colonies to organisms
  • Human decision-making and communication
  • Our emotions and our brains

In fact, we ourselves are an example of a complex system. Emergent, non-linear & dynamical, or unpredictable behavior are what makes a system complex. How can we study these systems?

This is where RICH comes in.

At RICH, we unite individuals across faculties to work together and explore the possibilities to better understand complexity. Only by using the knowledge and perspective each discipline offers can we effectively tackle greater issues. Together.

Interested in what we're doing?

Check out our website: www.radboud-complexity.com

Or contact us via email: info@radboud-complexity.com