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Horizon Europe Stories: Esther Steenbeek-Planting, Wendy van Ginkel from the Gravitation Consortium "Language in Interaction" at the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging on tailored events at Radboud to inform researchers on EU funding opportunities

Date of news: 1 February 2022

Within the Radboud University Support Programme EU, a joint initiative of grant advisors from the University and Radboudumc, we are promoting biweekly Horizon Europe stories from researchers, directors and grant support experts who benefitted from the Programme and can share their experience and tips with you.

Today’s story is by Esther Steenbeek-Planting, Coordinator Societal Impact and Wendy van Ginkel, the Programme Manager for the Gravitation Consortium "Language in Interaction" at the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, who organized a series of events for researchers involved in the Consortium to explore opportunities within Horizon Europe.

What is the importance of EU funding programmes and Horizon Europe in particular for the Language in Interaction consortium? In your opinion, what are the benefits for individual researchers and specific research groups?

For our consortium it was good to receive an overview of chances, to explore new opportunities for collaboration, and to find out how our researchers can collaborate within the framework of Societal Impact (Pillar II collaborative grants). For specific research groups it was helpful that Wendy and I went over the entire Work Programme files, together with the grant advisor at Research and Impact Division, to see any connections with specific research groups. For them, it is impossible to do this work next to their research work and they were very happy with it.

In view of the longevity of the consortium’s work after its end date (July 2024), programmes like Horizon Europe are invaluable in providing opportunities to build on the work that has been done in the consortium.

What grant support tools offered within the Radboud University Support Programme EU did you find most useful for Language in Interaction? What would be your advice to other researchers and consortia about using the grant support at Radboud University?

The Grant Advisor! With all the information that the grant advisor has in answering our questions. The workshop was very good and it showed what researchers need (in our case, help with finding external partners). Our advice to other researchers and consortia: just plan a life meeting because grant advisors can help explore possibilities and decide in what direction you want to head.

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