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Horizon Europe Stories - marking three years of EU Support Programme

Date of news: 10 July 2023

In July of 2023 the Radboud University Support Programme EU marks the three years of its operational phase. In these years, grant advisors and knowledge transfer officers across campus have worked together on the initiative. Their aim was to achieve a significant increase in participation, success rate, and the quality of collaborative proposals.

Endorsed by the Executive Board and developed in line with the University’s Significant Impact Strategy, the Programme also aims to increase the societal impact of Radboud research in the EU and beyond, strengthen our international reputation and further enhance the quality of our research.

In the last three years a lot of awareness needed to be raised about the funding opportunities for research collaboration that were offered within the largest EU Framework Programme – Horizon Europe. This also meant that the networking and proposal writing support needed to be extended. Joint efforts of the grant support teams had positive results: more collaborative proposals were submitted by Radboud researchers, more projects that are coordinated by the RU were funded, and more Radboud researchers were regularly invited to participate in other consortia.

The average success rate for the impact-driven collaborative proposals is around 25% for the RU (compared to around 8% for the previous Horizon2020 programme). Moreover, the RU is among the top seven Dutch organizations with the highest net EU contribution in Horizon Europe.

We would like to share several success stories of Horizon Europe projects led by Radboud researchers to encourage further applications.

If you are interested in finding the right Horizon Europe topic for your research expertise, need help with proposals under development or are looking to extend your EU network, feel free to contact our grant support experts https://www.radboudnet.nl/grantsupport/contact/ and/or attend our upcoming information sessions and proposal writing trainings https://www.radboudnet.nl/grantsupport/workshops-and-trainings/.