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Our brain allows us to have thoughts, languages, emotions, actions, to store and retrieve our memories, and to navigate our world each and every day. It enables us to be the conscious and social human beings that we are, both creating and interacting with our increasingly complex environments.

A better understanding of this central organ of human life in interaction with its environment is adamant for addressing the daunting (mental health, climate, economic and geopolitical) challenges that we face today. These challenges will only be met successfully if researchers from a wide array of disciplines join forces and brain science, technology, innovation and education is advanced in an interdisciplinary manner, integrating across the natural, life, medical, management and social sciences as well as the humanities. Moreover, it can only be done at a place where excellence in the contributing research fields is available.

The Radboud campus – with the Radboud University, the Radboud University Medical Center and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics – is perfectly placed to make this happen because of a unique combination of breadth and focus on brain science. This site provides an overview of the many initiatives of our researchers that fall under the Healthy Brain umbrella.

Get in touch

Please contact the ambassador of the Healthy Brain initiative, prof. dr. Roshan Cools, or the process coordinator of Healthy Brain, Dirkje van der Aa, by emailing Dirkje when you're interested in the Healthy Brain initiative:email adres

Roshan Cools
Roshan Cools

Dirkje van der Aa
Dirkje van der Aa

Steering Committee

Healthy Brain initiative has a steering committee:

  • prof. dr. Roshan Cools (chair)
  • prof. dr. Peter Hagoort
  • prof. dr. Guillen Fernandez
  • prof. dr. Sijbrand de Jong
  • prof. dr. Jan-Kees Helderman
  • prof. dr. Enny Das
  • prof. dr. Evelyn Kroesbergen
  • dr. Jolien Francken

The steering committee meets on a regular basis. Input for these meetings and to the initiative are expected to be channeled by the members of the steering committee.