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Room booking

Go to the room booking page for 2022 - 2023

Approximately 2 months before the start of the semester, you may submit a request to reserve a room to the owner of that room. You log in with your RU-number and password.
It is absolutely not the intent that this website be used to make reservations for educational activities. For those reservations, you should contact your scheduling office/department. These offices/departments will also communicate comments and questions about this website to the administrator.

On the first page you choose:

A. Location:

  • Size of the room
  • Owner of the room (if you prefer a room from your own unit/department)
  • Building (if you prefer a room in a specific building)
  • Facilities (1 or more if you have specific requests)

B. Date:

  • One or more dates

C. Time:

  • Start and end time

On the second page, you view a list of rooms that fulfil your requirements with the room name and number, price per hour and some remarks. You may choose a room by clicking the checkbox in the first column. You may also decide to search for other available times for a specific room by clicking on the clock in the third column of that room. Subsequent to clicking the watch icon, you may search for more rooms at a different time by clicking in the third column, etc.
Below the table with results matching your criteria, you will have the option to choose earlier/later days and times.
After choosing the room/date/time, proceed to page three.

On page three, you will find a list with your choice, RU-number, name, phone number and e-mail address. You must check the e-mail address carefully! You will need to provide information if it is unknown or incorrect (if the e-mail is from your previous position at the University). Furthermore, you are required to enter:

  • Description of the activity - This will be shown in the location's schedule.
  • Account/costing number - This must be different from the account number that is used by your faculty for educational activities.

The data on page three is stored and used to invoice the costs of the room.

After confirmation/sending the request, you have (at the bottom of page three) options to view an overview of all your reservations (button 'My bookings'), log out (button 'Sign out (U-number)') or to choose to make another reservation (button 'Book a room').

You may cancel your own bookings. Click the button 'My bookings' and click 'Cancel'.

After sending your request, you will receive email confirmation of your request. As soon as the room owner has handled your request, you will receive an e-mail with the room assignment or refusal. After cancelling a booking, you receive a confirmation.