Radboud University

Settling in Nijmegen

Now that you have done all the necessary things to get you started in Nijmegen, it is time to start feeling at home. This checklist helps you settle in Nijmegen.

  • Be active: the Radboud Sports Centre has over 70 sports to choose from. This is not only a great way to feel better and get in shape, but also to meet others.
  • Don't be home alone. Meet others at events or at the University Church' weekly dinners.
  • Most Dutch people speak English, but don't always take the easy way out: start learning Dutch. You can do online courses or get lessons at Radboud in'to Languages, the university language centre.
  • Time for leisure? There is so much to choose from in the Nijmegen region. From cycling and museums to ice skating and theatre. Meet the locals (Nijmegenaren) at the city's hot spots.
  • Would you like to explore The Netherlands? The train is the easiest way to easily get right into the city centres of Dutch cities and cities in Belgium, France, Germany and Denmark.