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ATM's, debit cards and credit cards


In Dutch: geld-automaat / pin-automaat

At ATM’s or cash machines you can draw out cash from your current account. At some machines you can also deposit cash into your account. ATM's in the Netherlands accept a wide range of foreign and Dutch debit and credit cards. Although an ATM will usually belong to one of the major Dutch banks, in most cases you can draw out money from any major national or international bank.

You can find ATM's at banks, supermarkets, shopping centres and other locations. Within the city of Nijmegen, there is usually an ATM somewhere within walking distance. Find your closest ATM by typing ‘ATM near me’ into your favorite search engine and it will give you a list of ATM’s located close to you.

Debit cards

In Dutch: pinpas / bankpas

Debit cards are the preferred method of payment in the Netherlands; credit cards are not used much (see below). Although you can still pay cash at most shops and businesses, debit card payments are increasingly encouraged. In coffee bars, shops, and restaurants on campus you'll need a debit card as they don't accept cash. So having a debit card that doesn't charge for payments is almost mandatory.

Credit cards

In Dutch: creditcard

Most Dutch people do not use their credit cards for everyday purchases, they mainly keep one for international online purchases (such as plane tickets) and for travel. Credit cards are rarely used in the Netherlands themselves.

Please note that only larger businesses will accept credit cards as a method of payment; you will not be able to use your credit card at the local supermarket. Even in webshops you can't always pay using your credit card.

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