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In Dutch: Bankieren

When living and working in the Netherlands, you will need an IBAN bank account. A Dutch bank account will make your life in the Netherlands even easier.

There are many banks you could use. They all provide internet banking services, offer options such as savings accounts and enable international bank transfers. Not all the banks have translated their webpages into English, though. (See below.)

It is becoming increasingly common to pay by debit card instead of cash in shops and other establishments, even more so through the influence of corona. Some places - also on the Radboud campus - no longer accept cash payments. You can make cash withdrawals from numerous ATM's around town: at banks, in shopping centres, at large supermarkets and on campus.

When arriving in the Netherlands, it is advisable to open a bank account quickly, in order to avoid delays. You will need an IBAN bank account (preferably a Dutch one) for:

  • Radboud's Salary Department, who can only make payments to IBAN bank accounts;
  • your internet provider, so you can have wifi in your new home;
  • your mobile phone provider, so you can have a Dutch SIM.

Read more on ATM's, debit and credit cards.

RU Thomas Aquino

Bank Account

All banks require those wishing to open an account to have a Citizen Service Number (Burger Service Nummer, BSN) in order to be able to start the application process. This means you need to register at your municipality before you can open an account.

When you have a Dutch bank account, you will receive a debit card, a card that is accepted in almost all shops and restaurants in the Netherlands. Although it is possible to obtain a credit card in the Netherlands, they are not widely used and often not accepted in shops and other businesses.

It is important to make sure that your foreign cards include an EMV chip as relying on signing or the magnetic strip may not be sufficient to carry out a transaction. Maestro cards are generally compatible with automated machines, while in the Netherlands Visa cards may not always work.

Major banks in English

All major banks have branches in Nijmegen. Banks that provide information in English:

  • ABN AMRO: Keizer Karelplein 33, Nijmegen (all information, contracts, websites and apps in English)
  • ING: Mariënburg 90, Nijmegen (information partly in English)
  • Bunq (online bank)

Major banks with websites and services only in Dutch: ASNKnab (online bank), RabobankSNSTriodos. Please note that the services provided by an online bank will be different from a bank with physical offices.

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