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Emergencies - medical and other

In Dutch: Noodgevallen / Alarmnummer 112

Medical emergencies: dial 112

In case of an emergency which requires acute medical care - other than the care provided by a general practitioner - call 112 (the national emergency number) for an ambulance.


Urgent matters
In urgent matters that do not require acute medical care but cannot wait till the following working day, you can call your GP during office hours.

After office hours: 'Huisartsenpost'
After office hours, when your GP is not available, you can call the 'huisartsenpost' (doctor's post) to see an on-duty doctor. Please note, that a visit to the ‘huisartsenpost’ might lead to extra costs if your health insurance does not cover this.

In Nijmegen the ‘huisartsenpost’ is in CWZ hospital, Weg door Jonkerbos 108, Nijmegen and can be contacted on 0900-8880. If you do not live in Nijmegen, find a ‘huisartsenpost’ in your area via Zorgkaart Nederland.

Emergency room
Please note that you can only go to the Emergency Room (in Dutch: 'Eerste Hulp') after a referral from your GP or the on-duty doctor at the ‘huisartsenpost’. If you do not visit these doctors first, your insurance will most likely not reimburse the cost of your visit.

Emergency dental care

If you have a dental emergency outside of office hours, call your dentist to find out who of their colleagues is on duty at that moment. You can visit them instead of your regular dentist.

If you don't have a dentist yet and you need to see someone urgently, you can make an appointment at the 'tandartsenpost' (dental post). They are located in CWZ hospital, Weg door Jonkerbos 106, and can be contacted for an appointment on 0900-827 6456. You will have to pay by debit card (pin) for the treatment on the spot, but if you have dental insurance you can claim the cost back from your insurance using the letter they will provide.

Ambulance, police, fire department: dial 112

For an acute emergency, when every second counts, always dial 112 to alert emergency services like ambulance, police and fire department. The operators on call speak English as well as Dutch.

In less critical situations, call 0900-8844 for non-emergency police assistance.

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