Focus 3: Applied research from science to management

We are both curious about and commited to investigate solutions to environmental problems. Our efforts are therefore not only directed to developing scientific knowledge. We collaborate closely with organizations for environmental, nature and water management in the field of both physical and social sciences (see partners). In our assessment of environmental and ecological indicators, we include society-oriented aspects such as the perception of nature by people and the restrictions imposed by EU-directives. So far, management has been able to solve easy problems by reacting afterwards. Our models will help to anticipate and solve problems of a more complex nature.

Our research is centered on the following fields:

Our education is subdivided in 2 programs:

  • MSc (career orientations: scientific, management/business and communication/education)
  • PhD(within SENSE, the Netherlands Research School for the Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment).

For more detailed information (in Dutch) about Environmental Sciences we refer to studiegidsen 2011-2012

Last update: 24 August 2011.