Publications of 2010

PhD theses

De Schryver, A.M., 2010. Value choices in life cycle impact assessment. PhD thesis, 21 January 2011, Radboud University Nijmegen, 186 p. ISBN: 978-94-91066-02-3 (pdf, 3,9 MB).

Dethmers, E.M., 2010. Ecology and phylogeography of an Australasian green turtle population: a case study for conservation from Aru. PhD thesis, 1 April 2010, Radboud University Nijmegen, 166 p.

Hauck, M., 2010. Uncertainties in environmental exposure modelling of persistant organic pollutants. PhD thesis, 11 January 2011, Radboud University Nijmegen, 203 p.

Van Kleef, H.H., 2010. Identifying and crossing thresholds in managing moorland pool macroinvertebrates. PhD thesis, 17 November 2010, Radboud University Nijmegen, 147 p. ISBN: 978-90-9025674-0 (pdf, 4,3 MB)

Van Zelm, R., 2010. Damage modeling in life cycle impact assessment. PhD thesis, 14 January 2011, Radboud University Nijmegen, 250 p. ISBN: 978-94-91066-04-7 (pdf, 2,3 MB).

Vermonden, K., 2010. Key factors for biodiversity of urban water systems. PhD thesis, 25 November 2010, Radboud University Nijmegen, 147 p. ISBN: 978-94-91066-01-6 (pdf, 3 MB).

Peer reviewed articles

Both, C., C.A.M. van Turnhout, R.G. Bijlsma, H. Siepel, A.J. van Strien & R.P.B. Foppen, 2010. Avian population consequences of climate change are most severe for long-distance migrants in seasonal habitats. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 277: 1259-1266. doi:10.1098/rspb.2009.1525

Bruinen de Bruin, Y., J. de Knecht, A. Hollander, J. Bakker, H. van Jaarsveld & E. Hogendoorn, 2010. Risk Assessment Using EUSES; Refinement Options to Estimate Atmospheric Transportation by its Operational Priority Substances Model (OPS). Human and Ecological Risk Assessment 16(5): 945-961. doi: 10.1080/10807039.2010.511961

De Schryver, A.M., M.J. Goedkoop, R.S.E.W. Leuven & M.A.J. Huijbregts, 2010. Uncertainties in the application of the species area relationship for characterisation factors of land occupation in life cycle assessment. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 15(7): 682-691. doi: 10.1007/s211367-010-0205-2

Diamond, M.L., N. Gandhi, W.J. Adams, J. Atherton, S.P. Bhavsar, C. Bulle, P.G.C. Campbell, A. Dubreuil, A. Fairbrother, K. Farley, A. Green, J. Guinee, M.Z. Hauschild, M.A.J. Huijbregts, S. Humbert, K.S. Jensen, O. Jolliet, M. Margni, J.C. McGeer, W.J.G.M. Peijnenburg, R. Rosenbaum, D. van de Meent & M.G. Vijver, 2010. The clearwater consensus: the estimation of metal hazard in fresh water. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 15(2):143-147. doi: 10.1007/s11367-009-0140-2

Fedorenkova, A., J.A. Vonk, H.J.R. Lenders, N.J. Ouborg, A.M. Breure & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. Ecotoxicogenomics: Bridging the Gap between Genes and Populations. Environmental Science & Technology 44(11): 4328-4333. doi: 10.1021/es9037287

Fedorenkova, A., J.A. Vonk, H.J.R. Lenders, N.J. Ouborg, A.M. Breure & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. Response to Comment on "Ecotoxicogenomics: Bridging the Gap between Genes and Populations". Environmental Science & Technology 44(23): 9241-9241. doi: 10.1021/es103077x

Gandhi, N., M.L. Diamond, D. van de Meent, M.A.J. Huijbregts, W.J.G.M. Peijnenburg & J. Guinée, 2010. New Method for Calculating Comparative Toxicity Potential of Cationic Metals in Freshwater: Application to Copper, Nickel, and Zinc. Environmental Science & Technology, 44(13): 5195-5201. doi: 10.1021/es903317a

Jiguet, F., V. Devictor, R. Ottvall, C. Van Turnhout, H. Van der Jeugd & Å. Lindström, 2010. Bird population trends are linearly affected by climate change along species thermal ranges. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2010.0796

Hanafiah, M.M., M.A.J. Huijbregts & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. The Influence of Nutrients and Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions on the Ecological Footprint of Products. Sustainability 2(4): 963-979. doi:10.3390/su2040963

Hauck, M., M.A.J. Huijbregts, A. Hollander, A.J. Hendriks & D. van de Meent, 2010. Modeled and monitored variation in space and time of PCB-153 concentrations in air, sediment, soil and aquatic biota on a European scale. Science of the Total Environment 408, 3831-3839. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2009.11.037

Huijbregts, M.A.J., S. Hellweg, R. Frischknecht, H.W.M. Hendriks, K. Hungerbühler & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. Cumulative Energy Demand As Predictor for the Environmental Burden of Commodity Production. Environmental Science & Technology 44(6): 2189-2196. doi: 10.1021/es902870s

Klok, C., C.A.M. van Turnhout, F. Willems, B. Voslamber, B. Ebbinge & H. Schekkerman, 2010. Analysis of population development and effectiveness of management in resident greylag geese Anser anser in the Netherlands. Animal Biology 60(4): 373-393. doi:10.1163/157075610X523260

Kosior, G., A. Samecka-Cymerman, K. Kolon, A.J. Kempers, 2010. Bioindication capacity of metal pollution of native and transplanted Pleurozium schreberi under various levels of pollution. Chemosphere 81(3): 321-326. doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2010.07.029

Loos, M., A.M.J. Ragas, R. Plasmeijer, A.M. Schipper & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. Eco-SpaCE: An object-oriented, spatially explicit model to assess the risk of multiple environmental stressors on terrestrial vertebrate populations. Science of the Total Environment 408: 3908-3917. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2009.11.045

Loos, M., A.M. Schipper, U. Schlink, K. Strebel & A.M.J. Ragas, 2010. Receptor-oriented approaches in wildlife and human exposure modelling: A comparative study. Environmental Modelling & Software 25(4): 369–382. doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2009.10.006

MacNeil, C., M. Briffa, R.S.E.W. Leuven, F.R. Gell & R. Selman, 2010. An appraisal of a biocontamination assessment method for freshwater macroinvertebrate assemblages; a practical way to measure a significant biological pressure? Hydrobiologia (in press). doi: 10.1007/s10750-009-0037-x 

Matthews, J., B. Reeze, C.K. Feld & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. Lessons from practice: assessing early progress and success in river rehabilitation. Hydrobiologia 655(1): 1-14. doi: 10.1007/s10750-010-0389-2

Quik, J.T.K., I. Lynch, K. Van Hoecke, C.J.H. Miermans, K.A.C. De Schamphelaere, C.R. Janssen, M.A. Cohen Stuart, K.A. Dawson, & D. van de Meent, 2010. Effect of natural organic matter on cerium dioxide nanoparticles settling in model fresh water. Chemosphere 81(6): 711-715. doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2010.07.062 

Samecka-Cymerman, A., A. Stankiewicz, K. Kolon, A.J. Kempers & R.S.E.W. Leuven, 2010. Market basket analysis: a new tool in ecology describing chemical relations in environment - A Case study of the fern Athyrium distentifolium in the Tatra National Park in Poland. Journal of Chemical Ecology 36(9): 1029-1034. doi: 10.1007/s10886-010-9832-0

Samecka-Cymerman, A., K. Kolon & A.J. Kempers, 2010. Influence of Quercus robur Throughfall on Elemental Composition of Pleurozium schreberi (Brid.) Mitt. and Hypnum cupressiforme Hedw. Polish J. of Environ. Stud. 19(4): 763-769. pdf (pdf, 240 kB).

Schipper, A.M., K. Lotterman, M. Geertsma, R.S.E.W. Leuven & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. Using datasets of different taxonomic detail to assess the influence of floodplain characteristics on terrestrial arthropod assemblages. Biodiversity and Conservation 19(7): 2087-2110. doi: 10.1007/s10531-010-9828-7

Schlink, U., K. Strebel, M. Loos, R. Tuchscherer, M. Richter, T. Lange, J. Wernicke & A.M.J. Ragas, 2010. Evaluation of human mobility models, for exposure to air pollutants. Science of the Total Environment 408, 3918-3930. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2010.03.018

Schouten, M.A., A. Barendregt, P.A. Verweij, V.J. Kalkman, R.M.J.C. Kleukers, H.J.R. Lenders & H.N. Siebel, 2010. Defining hotspots of characteristic species for multiple taxonomic groups in the Netherlands. Biodiversity and Conservation 19: 2517-2536. doi: 10.1007/s10531-010-9857-2

Stassen, M.J.M., M.W.P.M. van de Ven, T. van der Heide, M.A. Guerrero Hiza, G. van der Velde & A.J.P. Smolders, 2010. Population dynamics of the migratory fish Prochilodus lineatus in a neotropical river: the relationships with river discharge, flood pulse, El Niňo and fluvial megafan behaviour. Neotropical Ichthyology 8(1): 113-122. doi: 10.1590/S1679-62252010005000006

Struijs, Jaap, A. van Dijk, H. Slaper, H.J. van Wijnen, G.J.M. Velders, G. Chaplin & M.A.J. Huijbregts, 2010. Spatial- and Time-Explicit Human Damage Modeling of Ozone Depleting Substances in Life Cycle Impact Assessment. Environmental Science & Technology 44(1): 204-209. doi: 10.1021/es9017865

Van de Meent, D., A. Hollander, M. Comber & T. Parkerton, 2010. Environmental fate factors and human intake fractions for risk assessment of petroleum products. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 6(1), 135-144. doi: 10.1897/IEAM_2009-035.1

Van der Heide, T., T.J. Bouma, E.H. van Nes, J. van de Koppel, M. Scheffer, J.G.M., Roelofs, M.M. van Katwijk & A.J.P. Smolders, 2010. Spatial self-organized patterning in seagrasses along a depth gradient of an intertidal ecosystem. Ecology 91(2): 362-369.

Van der Heide, T., A.J.P. Smolders, L.P.M., Lamers, M.M. van Katwijk & J.G.M Roelofs, 2010. Nutrient availability correlates with bicarbonate accumulation in marine and freshwater sediments - Empirical evidence from pore water analyses. Applied Geochemistry 25(12): 1825-1829. doi: 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2010.09.009

Van der Heide, T., E.H. van Nes, M.M. Van Katwijk & A.J.P. Smolders, 2010. Alternative stable states driven by density-dependent toxicity. Ecosystems 13(6): 841-850. doi: 10.1007/s10021-010-9358-x

Van Katwijk, M.M., A.R. Bos, D.C.R. Hermus & W. Suykerbuyk, 2010. Sediment modification by seagrass beds: Muddification and sandification induced by plant cover and environmental conditions. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science  89: 175-181. doi: 10.1016/jecss.1010.06.008

Van Katwijk, M.M., A.R. Bos, P. Kennis & R. de Vries, 2010. Vulnerability to eutrophication of a semi-annual life history: A lesson learnt from an extinct eelgrass (Zostera marina) population. Biological Conservation 143(1): 248-254. doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2009.08.014.

Van Kleef, H.H., E. Brouwer, R.S.E.W. Leuven, H. van Dam, A. de Vries-Brock, G. van der Velde & H. Esselink, 2010. Effects of reduced nitrogen and sulphur deposition on the water chemistry of moorland pools. Environmental Pollution 158(8): 2679-2685. doi: 10.1016/j.envpol.2010.04.021

Van Turnhout, C.A.M., R.P.B. Foppen, R.S.E.W. Leuven, A. van Strien & H. Siepel, 2010. Life-history and ecological correlates of population change in Dutch breeding birds. Biological Conservation 143(1): 173-181. doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2009.09.023.

Van Turnhout, C.A.M., Leuven, R.S.E.W., Hendriks, A.J., Kurstjens, G., van Strien, A., Foppen, R.P.B. & H. Siepel, 2010. Ecological strategies successfully predict the effects of river floodplain rehabilitation on breeding birds. River Research and Applications, published online: 26 Sep 2010. doi: 10.1002/rra.1455

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Veltman, K., M.A.J. Huijbregts & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. Integration of Biotic Ligand Models (BLM) and Bioaccumulation Kinetics into a Mechanistic Framework for Metal Uptake in Aquatic Organisms. Environmental Science & Technology 44(13): 5022-5028. doi: 10.1021/es903697c

Verberk, W.C.E.P., R.S.E.W. Leuven, G.A. van Duinen & H. Esselink, 2010. Loss of environmental heterogeneity and aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity following large-scale restoration management. Basic and Applied Ecology 11(5): 440-449. doi: 10.1016/j.baae.2010.04.001

Vermonden, K., R.S.E.W. Leuven, G. van der Velde, A.J. Hendriks, M.M. van Katwijk, J.G.M. Roelofs, E.C.H.E.T. Lucassen, O. Pedersen & K. Sand-Jensen, 2010. Species pool versus site limitations of macrophytes in urban waters. Aquatic Sciences - Research Across Boundaries 72(3): 379-389. doi: 10.1007/s00027-010-0141-z

Vermonden, K., R.S.E.W. Leuven & G. van der Velde, 2010.Environmental factors determining invasibility of urban waters for exotic macroinvertebrates. Diversity and Distributions, (Diversity Distrib.) 16(6): 1009-1021. doi: 10.1111/j.1472-4642.2010.00702.x

Verones, F.,  M.M. Hanafiah, S. Pfister, M.A.J. Huijbregts, G.J. Pelletier & A. Koehler, 2010. Characterization Factors for Thermal Pollution in Freshwater Aquatic Environments. Environmental Science & Technology 44(24): 9364-9369. doi: 10.1021/es102260c

Vonk, J.A., M.J.A. Christianen & J. Stapel, 2010. Abundance, edge effect, and seasonality of fauna in mixed-species seagrass meadows in southwest Sulawesi, Indonesia. Marine Biology Research 6(3): 282-291. doi: 10.1080/17451000903233789

Vugteveen, P., H.J.R. Lenders, J.L.A. Devilee, R.S.E.W. Leuven, R.J.H.M. Van der Veeren, M.A. Wiering & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. Stakeholder Value Orientations in Water Management. Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal 23(9): 805-821. doi: 10.1080/08941920903496952

Academic articles published in other journals (non-refereed)

Mulder, C. & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. Scaling Population Cycles of Herbivores and Carnivores. (arXiv:1004.3951v1 [q-bio.QM]) 

rofessional publications

Bel, D.J.F., L.D. Boom, R.S.E.W. Leuven, H.G. Ouwerkerk & M.A. Poortinga, 2010. Dijkverbetering Kinderdijk-Schoonhovenseveer. Advies voor richtlijnen voor het milieueffectrapport. Report nr. 2409-29. Commissie voor de milieueffectrapportage, Utrecht. 9 p. excl. enclosures. ISBN: 978-90-421-3038-8. More info:

Boom, L.D., R.S.E.W. Leuven, H.G. Ouwerkerk, M.A. Poortinga & J. Renes, 2010. Dijkversterking Fort Everdingen - Ravenswaaij. Advies over reikwijdte en detailniveau van het milieueffectrapport. Rapportnummer 2440-35. Commissie voor de milieueffectrapportage, Utrecht, 9 p. excl. enclosures. ISBN: 978-90-421-3104-0. More info:

Boom, L.D., R.S.E.W. Leuven, H.G. Ouwerkerk, M.A. Poortinga & J. Renes, 2010. Dijkversterking Neder-Rijndijk Rijswijk - Opheusden. Advies over reikwijdte en detailniveau van het milieueffectrapport. Rapportnummer 2441-23. Commissie voor de milieueffectrapportage, Utrecht. 9 p. excl. enclosures. ISBN: 978-90-421-3105-7. More info:

De Nooij, R.W.J., H.J.R. Lenders, R.S.E.W. Leuven, A.M. Spitzen, R. Zollinger & R. Iken, 2010. Ruimte geven, ruimte nemen. Een managementplan voor de Rugstreeppad in de Noordoostpolder. Journaal Flora en Fauna 7(1): 3-10.

Elshout, P., M. Dionisio Pires, R.S.E.W. Leuven & A.J. Hendriks, 2010. The influence of global warming and thermal pollution on the occurrence of native and exotic fish species in the river Rhine. Proceedings NCR-Days 2010, Delft, pp. 7-9.

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Giesen, W.B.J.T., P.T. Giesen,L.L. Govers, W. Suykerbuyk & M.M. van Katwijk, 2010. Zeegrasmitigaties Oosterschelde. Proeven met verplaatsen van klein zeegras Zostera noltii in de Oosterschelde: mitigatiemaatregel bij toekomstige dijkwerkzaamheden. Eindrapportage fase 5: monitoring van zeegrasmitigaties uitgevoerd in 2008 gedurende 2008 en 2009. ZLD-6606, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.

Hendriks, A.J., M.A.J. Huijbregts, H.J.R. Lenders, R.S.E.W. Leuven, A.M.J. Ragas & A.M. Schipper, 2010. How to protect 1000+ species from 1000+ stressors: from scientific concepts to river management. Proceedings NCR-Days 2010, Delft, p. 12.

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Lenders, H.J.R., 2010. Over boomkikkers en mensen. Deel 2: historische verspreiding. RAVON 38, 12(4): 70-77.

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Van Weperen, M., Th. Walder, A.M.J. Ragas, 2010. Nieuwe kansen voor ecologie. Toets, December 2010. (pdf 2840 Kb) (pdf, 2,8 MB)

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Book Chapters

De Schryver, A.M., R. van Zelm, M. Goedkoop & M.A.J. Huijbregts, 2010. Addressing land use and ecotoxicological impacts in life cycle assessments of food production technologies. In: Sonesson, U, J. Berlin & F. Ziegler (Eds). Environmental assessment and management in the food industry: life cycle assessment and related approaches, Woodhead publishing, Cambridge, UK, pp. 177-206.

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