PhD theses

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Peer reviewed articles

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Conference proceedings (peer reviewed)

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Working paper

  • Grubb, M., J.A. Mercure, P. Salas, R. Lange & I. Sognnaes, 2018. Systems Innovation, Inertia and Pliability: A mathematical exploration with implications for climate change abatement, EPRG Working Paper 1808/ Cambridge Working Paper in Economics 1819, 61 p., University of Cambridge.

Professional publications

  • Collas, F., T. Buijse & R. Leuven, 2018. Langsdammen in de Waal. Kansen voor juveniele vis in druk bevaren rivieren. Visionair 48 (juni 2018): 9-11, Sportvisserij Nederland, Bilthoven.
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