Biodiversity Assessment

In the Biodiversity Assessment theme, we aim to quantify and understand how species and ecosystems respond to the influences of past, present and future anthropogenic changes in the environment. To that end, we develop and apply statistical as well as mechanistic models based on general principles and macro-ecological datasets. As we are a diverse group with broadly interested people, we study a variety of systems at different scales, including both animals and plants and covering terrestrial as well as marine and freshwater systems. In addition, we cover a variety of anthropogenic environmental pressures, including land-use change, overexploitation (hunting, fishing), physical reconstruction (for example dams in rivers), climate change and pollution. To ensure our work is relevant for (inter)national environmental policy, we collaborate with the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and with PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. We are further tightly linked to the Department of Spatial Ecology, NIOZ-Yerseke (focussing on coastal ecosystems).


Valerio Barbarossa
Coline Boonman
Maarten Broekman
Mirza Čengić
Juan Gallego-Zamorano
Jan Hendriks
Selwyn Hoeks
Mark Huijbregts
Melinda de Jonge
Marieke van Katwijk
Rob Lenders
Sandra Marquardt
Konrad Mielke
Leo Posthuma
Luca Santini
Aafke Schipper
Marlee Tucker

Last update: 29th of August 2019