L. Posthuma

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Prof. Dr. L. Posthuma (Leo)

Department of Environmental Science
Faculty of Science
Radboud University Nijmegen
P.O. Box 9010
The Netherlands

Tel. : + 31 (0)24 3653284
Tel. secr.: + 31 (0)24 3653281
E-mail: L.Posthuma@science.ru.nl

Curriculum vitae (pdf, 819 kB)

Research focus
My research concerns the development, validation and application of scientific approaches to address and solve complex, multi-faceted environmental problems, with emphasis on further development of the ‘solution-focused’ paradigm to risk and sustainability assessment.

This requires combining the principles, approaches, models, tests, monitoring- and experiment data from various origins, approaches and disciplines. With an eye on innovating practice- and oriented approaches to problem-solving, this operates via combining principles, approaches and data from various disciplines, amongst which ecology, ecotoxicology, and life cycle assessment. Typical results are scientific manuscripts, versatile tools and approaches, and specific policy- or decision support outputs. I see applying evidence-based situation assessment to forward solution-focused sustainable development as particularly challenging and rewarding.

Past contributions to the field in this vein are: development, validation and implementation formats of- and tools for: (1) quantitative methods for site-specific impacts assessment of chemical mixtures, (2) eco-epidemiological analysis of (bio)monitoring data (site-specific multi-stress diagnosis of ecological impacts), (3) disaster assessment and management esp. for chemical incidents, (4) sustainable management of contaminated water-, sediment and soil systems, and (5) innovating and improving assessment principles and approaches for complex environmental risk- and sustainability problems.


Last update: 21 December 2021