PhD theses

In addition to PhD positions offered via vacancies, we encourage MSc students to continue writing scientific papers after graduation to complete a PhD thesis at their working place.

Check the frequently asked questions (FAQ) by PhD candidates (pdf, 263 kB) to get an idea of what a PhD position at the department of Environmental Sciences entails. More information on practical issues, such as housing and facilities, can be found at

Several interesting organisations for PhD candidates are:

  • PhD Organisation Nijmegen (PON), which helps you in finding your way in the load of information and supports and defends the interests of PhD candidates in Nijmegen.
  • Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE), which is a joint venture of the environmental research institutes of 10 Dutch universities. Here you can find education and training in disciplinary and multidisciplinary environmental issues.
  • International Office, which promotes mobility of outgoing PhDs and reimbursement of expenses for incoming PhDs. Click here for more information.

Last update: 15 September 2023

PhD Organisation Nijmegen

SENSE Research School