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In order to furhter develop and strengthen the international character of our university, the Executive Board has reserved central Internationalisation Funds to promote faculty activities for education and research in 2013. Interesting funds for employees with a PhD position are described below. This information is copied in full from the RadboudNet website.

Promoting mobility of outgoing PhDs

International mobility of PhDs continues to be promoted. Funds are available for travel and accommodation expenses for training, teaching staff mobility and/or research abroad. PhD candidates may apply for these funds twice for a maximum amount of 1,500 euros, on condition that the faculty provides a matching financial contribution. The PhD candidate must fill out and send the downloaded form via the dean's office, including an accompanying letter by the promotor to the International Office. Applications may be submitted throughout the year.

Reimbursement of expenses for incoming PhDs

For incoming PhD candidates who, in the framework of staff development at their home university (abroad), are conducting thesis research there are reimbursements of expenses available according to the so-called sandwich construction. The PhD candidate will do (field) research in his/her own region and will visit Nijmegen for brief periods (yearly to a maximum of 3 months) for coaching and specific research facilities. Visiting candidates will receive their PhD at Radboud University. The research should tie in with the research lines of the research institutes. Reimbursements of expenses take place based on the research plan for the entire doctoral track. The reimbursement provides 50 percent reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses (based on Nuffic criteria accommodation expenses are 1190 euros per month) of PhD candidates during their stays at our university. This assumes a matching contribution by the faculty. Applications may be submitted throughout the year.
NB! The international office has several types of budget available, and if one has run out during the year, there still may be other types of budget left for which you can apply. Therefore, it is always a good idea to contact them and explain the trip you intend to make.
For more information, contact the International Office.
Last update: 24 April 2013