Radboud Excellence Initiative

The Radboud Excellence Initiative is a joint enterprise of Radboud University and Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc).

The Initiative serves the dual purpose of bringing the most exceptional talents from every academic field to Radboud while strengthening international bonds between universities worldwide.

Lasko photo

Prof. Paul Lasko

First double neutron star merger

First double neutron star merger, prof. Cole Miller

Gamma-ray burst

Gamma-ray burst, dr. Ashley Chrimes


Collision of two black holes, prof. Cole Miller


In the spring and summer of 2022 most travel restrictions have been lifted and many of those working at Radboud University work partly from home, partly on campus.

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Nomination procedure

The deadline for the next nomination round is 1st November 2022.

Usually, there are two nomination rounds per year. Those who are entitled to nominate candidates for a Radboud Excellence professorship or fellowship can send in their nomination before 1st November, 23.59.

Benefitting from informal, friendly interactivity


Prof. Cole Miller spent his Radboud Excellence professorship at IMAPP:

"A standout aspect of the Astrophysics department was its friendly interactivity. I was able to have peer-level conversations with everyone, from graduate students to professors. This facilitated my own education and, I hope, the learning process of others. I would certainly return if possible!"

Using fruit flies as a model for human genetic diseases

During his Radboud Excellence professorship, biologist prof. Paul Lasko is working together with Radboudumc's department of Human Genetics and the University of Maastricht.

Foto Paul Lasko 19kb

Despite Covid-19 delays, these collaborations resulted in the publication of seven papers in different journals. Also, his collaboration with dr. Annette Schenck resulted in the discovery of a link between the human gene FKBP6 and male infertility.

Following your mentor

Dr. Ashley Chrimes, here depicted at the GOTO telescope on La Palma in the Canary Islands, started his Radboud Excellence fellowship in July 2020, shortly after obtaining his PhD.

Ashley Chrimes

He had worked with dr. Andrew Levan previously in the UK, and his Radboud Excellence fellowship enabled him to follow Levan to Nijmegen. Ashley is looking forward to further his promising career in collaboration with Levan and Radboud's Astrophysics department. He will be continuing his work, on a wider variety of astrophysical transients going forwards.

“The Excellence Initiative has brought me the freedom to do my own research”


Microbiologist Sebastian Lücker: "Now that I’ve got a Vidi grant, I can apply for my own excellence fellow. I will gladly do that, because it’s a great opportunity to get good researchers coming in. It’s easier to give young talents a chance.” More