Radboud Excellence Initiative

The Radboud Excellence Initiative was created with the dual purpose of bringing the most exceptional talents from every academic field to Radboud University while strengthening international bonds between universities worldwide. The Initiative is a joint enterprise of both Radboud University and Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc).

Who can join the Radboud Excellence Initiative?

The Radboud Excellence Initiative provides two routes by which a researcher may come to Radboud University.


Promising researchers may be nominated for a Fellowship provided they completed their doctorate no more than eight years before the moment of nomination.

Fellows stay at Radboud University for two years and truly become part of the academic community. Fellows conduct their research projects in cutting-edge research teams in collaboration with or under supervision of their nominator.


Established researchers in their discipline may be nominated for a Professorship.

Professors stay at Radboud for one to six months. They may split their stay into smaller blocks and spread their time at Radboud University over a longer time period so they can maximise the effeciveness of their collaboration.

How can you join the Radboud Excellence Initiative?

Prospective members of the Radboud Excellence Initiative can only be put forward by designated nominators: people working at Radboud University or Radboudumc who either won a prestigious grant or are a member of an esteemed international organization. Nomination and selection of new candidates take place twice a year.

Once nominated and selected, Fellows may come to Radboud University to undertake research for a maximum of two years. Professors may come to Radboud University for a maximum of six months.

Part of a tight-knit, exclusive community

Members of the Radboud Excellence Initiative receive attractive remuneration or prizes and are taken care of from the date they are officially selected. They receive guidance on all practicalities of moving to and living in the Netherlands from the Radboud Excellence Hospitality Team, while an interesting and fun social program ensures that they receive the most from this once in a lifetime experience. By the end of their stay in the Netherlands, Fellows and Professors will find themselves part of a tight-knit exclusive community which fosters interdisciplinary academic curiosity.