Coming to Radboud and the Netherlands: Working at Radboud University

Radboud University

At Radboud University Nijmegen, top research and high-quality education come together. Students rate Radboud as the best general, classical university in the Netherlands.

Our green, environment-friendly and smoke-free campus is a wonderful place to work, study, meet friends, play sports, enjoy cultural activities and get a bite to eat. All facilities are within walking distance of each other.

From the center of Nijmegen you can reach the campus by bike in less than 10 minutes. It also easily accessible by car and public transport.

Strategy: A Significant Impact

Radboud University wants to contribute to a free and healthy world with equal opportunities for all. We assign a prominent role to sustainability in our research, education, and business operations, a strategy we call 'A Significant Impact'.

In order to make this significant impact on a regional and an international level, we need interdisciplinary collaboration. This is why Radboud University has explicitly opted for strong and broadly defined disciplines and cooperation between those.

Dual Career

When you move to Nijmegen to start working at Radboud University, we will also provide support to your spouse or partner. Our Dual Career Officer will assist in the search for work, leisure activities or anything else.


Family Support

If you start working at Radboud University and bring your family, we will also support them, and help you find childcare, schools or anything else.


General Buddy Programme

As a new international staff member, you may want to connect with someone who can introduce you to life in the Netherlands and in Nijmegen. Radboud's Buddy Programme aims to match you up with a buddy who will help you settle here.

Your buddy will be a social point of reference and will help you with practical issues. You could meet up for a coffee on campus or in town, do a tour of the city or discuss social and cultural peculiarities of Dutch life.

Global Buddy Support in times of corona

Work as a researcher is exciting but it also has its challenges. On top of the challenges in your work and in settling in a new life in a new country, we are spending a lot of time in isolation, working from home.

This makes it even more difficult to have an active social life and many face with mental health issues. Through the Global Buddy Support programme you can be matched up with an experienced buddy who is personally assigned to you. This person will offer you a social connection and a listening ear.

You can discuss your experiences and concerns, or address more practical topics such as healthcare, housing, legal matters and more. Having a buddy is an opportunity to reflect on issues that are going on in your daily life.


Radboudnet is Radboud University's intranet environment. You can access it as soon as you obtain your employee number, the so called U-number. On Radboudnet you will find all manner of information to support your work at Radboud University. The information given is divided into 5 topics:

  • Employees: You can find all the information you need as a Radboud employee. For example all the conditions of employment, practical information for new staff, development and all sorts of other related information.
  • Education: Information about colleges, regulations and procedures and education & ICT.
  • Research: Information about grants & scholarships, accuracy & integrity and valorisation
  • Who What Where: Information listed in alphabetical order, service & facilities, employees, faculties and research institutes.
  • News & Activities: News, agenda overview, supply & demand and on campus during the corona pandemic.


We put together this information to help your transition to the Netherlands and start your life in Nijmegen. Even though we do our utmost to provide you with the right information and we check it from time to time, we cannot take responsibility for any of the information. Should you find any mistakes, please feel free to inform us by email.