Coming to Radboud and the Netherlands

Working at Radboud University

Covid-19 and coming to the Netherlands

  • Radboud University
  • Strategy: a significant impact
  • Dual Career: support for your partner
  • Family Support
  • Buddy programmes
  • Radboudnet
  • General corona measures
  • Lockdown and steps to reopen society
  • Travelling to the Netherlands
  • The situation at Radboud University
  • Testing for Covid-19 and vaccinations
  • Self-quarantine
  • Staying up to date

Preparing for arrival

After arrival

  • Checklist before arrival
  • Immigration, visa and permits
  • Relocation and moving expenses
  • The 30% tax ruling
  • Housing
  • Registration and BSN
  • Banking
  • ATM's and bank cards
  • DigiD: your digital identity
  • Health insurance
  • Other insurances
  • Mobile phoning and SIM cards

Living in Nijmegen and the Netherlands

  • Health: Doctor, Dentist, Hospitals
  • Family: Childcare, Schools, Emergencies
  • At home: Furniture, Groceries, Waste and recycling
  • Transport: Public transport, Bicycles, Traffic rules
  • There is more: Income tax, Dutch language, Useful links