On arrival

Finding your way

If you wish, we can help you get from the airport to Nijmegen and to your apartment. We usually arrange for the real estate agency to show you around your apartment on the day of your arrival.


On one of your first days, we will help you register with the City of Nijmegen. They will issue you with a BSN (social security number), which is needed to draw up your contract (fellows) or ‘Agreement for Services’. We will also assist you in opening a Dutch bank account, so you can use a Dutch bank card and avoid international bank charges. Your salary or allowance will be paid into this account. Also, we can help you get a SIM card for your mobile phone, and inform you about the Dutch public transport system and discount travel cards.

Your workplace

Your department or the institute where you will be conducting your research will take care of provisions such as a desk, a computer, access to Radboud systems, a library pass etc. Most of this will be taken care of by the time you arrive in Nijmegen.