Dutch language courses

Although most citizens of the Netherlands speak English quite well, you might wish to enroll in a Dutch language course – especially if you stay for a longer time period. Radboud Excellence Initiative will cover the cost of a beginners and advanced course for you as well as any family members that might accompany you.

Radboud University offers Dutch language courses at different levels, through its language center Radboud in'to languages:

  • Social Dutch courses (12 classes in 6 weeks)
    For those who want to be able to have a basic conversation, read labels and signs, and want to know more about Dutch culture - within and outside the academic world. Courses usually start late September, February and April/May:
    - Social Dutch I and II
    - Social Dutch for native speakers of German I and II

  • Dutch language courses (28 classes per level)
    For those who are interested in learning more than just the basics of the Dutch language, and want to know more about Dutch habits and customs. Participants are all highly-educated foreigners who want to learn Dutch in 12-18 months.
    In order to take part in these courses, you need to schedule an intake interview, to ensure you will be placed in a course with the right level. The different courses are:
    - Dutch for beginners I (A1) and II (A2)
    - Intermediate (B1)
    - Advanced (B2)
    - Very advanced (C1).

Radboud Excellence Initiative will take care of the cost of your language course. In general, Radboud University staff (including Medical Faculty) will get the fee refunded if they manage 80% attendance. However, for Radboud Excellence laureates we are happy to pay their fees even if they don't meet these requirements.

In order to register for one of the courses, please take the following steps:

  • choose an appropriate course, and if necessary schedule an intake interview
  • check with the Hospitality Officer how to have the fee charged to Radboud Excellence Initiative
  • register for the course online
  • finalise your registration at Radboud in'to Languages' reception desk.

If the Radboud courses do not suit your needs, you can also look for alternatives. After consulting us, we can pay the cost of the course of your choice to a maximum of what a similar course at Radboud in’to Languages would be.