Provisions for your family

Dual Career: employment for your partner

When Radboud Excellence nominees are accompanied by their partners, our Dual Career Officer can assist them in finding employment in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, Radboud University or Radboudumc do not have a priority system for jobs for partners of expats. However, we can help prepare your partner for the Dutch labour market and inform them about the best resources for finding work in the Netherlands. We can make use of our network and inform partners about courses and trainings, networking meetings, platforms for expats etc.

The Dual Career officer can also help your partner with information and advice on finding volunteer work, courses, sports activities, social activities etc.

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Family care: schools, daycare and activities for your children

If you bring your children over, we can help you find international schools, childcare, sports clubs and anything else you may need. Should you require any such provisions, you can inform us in advance, so we can put you into contact with the right people.