Presenting your research

Visiting conferences (only for fellows)

The Radboud Excellence Initiative will support you if you want to attend an international conference in the Netherlands or abroad. Your nominator would need to apply with a short description of the conference and an estimate of the costs (see link at the bottom of this page). We can pay you a maximum of € 2,500 for one or more conferences over the total period. This can be used to cover the cost of your plane ticket, the registration fee, hotels etc.

In exchange, we expect you to help promote the name of Radboud University or Radboudumc when presenting your research, by using the Radboud logo on your slides, mentioning the research group you work with, etc.

Read more on Radboud's corporate style for logos, Powerpoint slides and such.

Organizing a workshop

Should you wish to organize a workshop, talk or conference in Nijmegen, where you will present your work or the work of your research group, we are happy to help you finance this, to a maximum of € 1,000. If you want to plan such an event, your nominator can apply with a short description of your plans and an estimate of the costs (see link at the bottom of this page).

Publishing your research

If you want to publish the results of the Radboud Excellence research project in Open Access, the Initiative will cover the costs. Please ask your nominator to apply (through the link below).

Read more on how to apply for a contribution from REI