Visa and work permit

Should you need a visa or work permit in order to stay and work in the Netherlands, your HR officer will assist you with the application. All concerning legal fees will be covered by Radboud Excellence Initiative (via your HR department).

British citizens: Up to the moment that Great Britain leaves the European Union ('Brexit') there will be no changes: citizens of EU member states can work in the Netherlands without a visa or work permit.

  • If there is going to be a Brexit with some kind of 'deal', during the transition period between the moment of Brexit and 31/12/2020, Brits who already work or study in the Netherlands can apply for a residence permit. The IND is keeping them informed.
  • If there is going to be a no-deal Brexit, this transition period will be up to 31/7/2020.
  • After the transition period British citizens may need a visa and work permit to enter and work in the Netherlands.