Dr Alessandro Maranesi

Mapping the geography of ideas in the Constantinian age
May 2015 - August 2017

MaranesiWho is Alessandro Maranesi?

Dr. Alessandro Maranesi finished his PhD in Roman Law at the University of Pavia, Italy in 2012 and went on to do postdoctoral work in Frankfurt. While at Frankfurt, he not only continued his work on ancient history but also branched out to studying political communication. His interdisciplinary background brings him in the position to pose interesting questions and to answer them in insightful ways.

At the moment, he is a professor in Political Communication and holds several other positions at Collegio Ghislieri and Università degli Studi di Pavia, in Pavia, Italy.

Why was he nominated?

Alessandro was nominated by Prof. Dr. Olivier Hekster, professor in Ancient History at Radboud University. He was nominated due to his innovative research plan, high-quality previous work, which was rewarded with several very competitive fellowships, and his impressive international network, linking the absolute top of Italian, German and American scholarships on late antiquity. The articles he published in peer-reviewed periodicals are of very high quality, showing his capabilities and skills.

What is his research project about?

His project focused on the communicative system of the Constantinian age in a new perspective, arguing strongly that late-antique media interacted and were able to communicate varied messages to different audiences through a well-orchestrated system, which exploited all the possible sources: from literature to money. At Radboud University, Maranesi investigated this system in all its facets, taking into account how these sources functioned in a mainstream communicative channel. This channel was effectively able to create a system of acceptance concerning the Emperor and the values he embodied, showing that the Emperor’s acceptance was not based on a static process of propaganda, but on a more complex system of social interactions.

During his Radboud Excellence fellowship

Alessandro was a Radboud Excellence fellow from May 2015 to August 2017. During his time in Nijmegen, he taught several courses for Bachelor's as well as Master's students of the History department at Radboud University. He taught the courses History and Historiographyand Imperial Travels, and was the coordinator of the course Byzantine History.

Moreover, during his fellowship, Alessandro was a two-times visiting scholar at Dipartimento di Filologia, Universidad de Navarra in Spain.

He also was invited to talk at the political conference Leopolda in Florence, Italy, in December 2015:

Publications with Radboud University affiliation


What is Alessandro Maranesi doing now?

Already during the last months of his fellowship in Nijmegen, Alessandro took a position as Political Communication Professor at Collegio Ghislieri in Pavia, Italy, which he still holds today. After the end of his fellowship, he started a position as a Management Director and, since the start of 2020, also as an International Relation Director at the same college in Italy. Additionally, he is a Contract Teacher at Università degli Studi di Pavia in Pavia, Italy.

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