Professor Arthur Suits

Summer 2014 and summer 2015

Arthur SuitsWho is Arthur Suits?

Professor Arthur G. Suits (Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University, Detroit, USA) is a world-leading expert in molecular dynamics research, a field in which the movements of a molecule in time are studied and manipulated. The understanding of dynamical chemical properties such as rates of reactions and the factors determining reaction outcomes is essential to developing a predictive capability for macroscopic chemical systems.

What is his research project about?

Chemical dynamics requires fundamentally different measurements: factors governing energy transfer, the influence of molecular structure and bonding, and detailed reactions of simple molecules are areas of key importance that are still not fully understood. Progress in these areas relies heavily on the interplay between advances in measurements based on new experimental techniques and advances in theory. On the experimental side Prof. Suits is one of the inventors of the slice imaging technique. Slice imaging is an improvement on velocity map imaging, which was invented in Nijmegen. In this project, prof. Suits will further analyze the effects of finite slicing in data analysis.

If you want to know more

Read more on Arthur Suits' personal page at Wayne State University