The financial picture

In order to assist you in your application, it might be helpful to have an overview of the different financial aspects of a Radboud Excellence Initiative (REI) fellowship or professorship. For conditions and more detailed information, please consult the linked pages.

Candidates' personal costs

  • A fellow’s salary or a professor’s allowance will be covered by REI.* Any bonuses on top of this will not be covered by REI.
  • Travel costs to and from the Netherlands will be reimbursed by REI*, for one return journey. The same goes for the travel costs of the candidate's partner and other family members.
  • Legal fees concerning visa and work permit applications will be reimbursed by REI.*
  • REI works with an agency who will find housing for candidates. The agency's commission will be covered by REI. However, candidates will have to pay the monthly rent for their accommodation themselves.
  • REI arranges and pays for the relocation/removal of fellows' properties to Nijmegen – under certain conditions. Also, most REI fellows are entitled to a refurbishment allowance, which will be paid by REI.*
  • Dutch language courses will be covered by REI.
  • If they want, candidates can have a 2-month Top Fit Card to use Radboud’s sports facilities for free. This is also arranged and paid for by REI.
  • At most social events organised by the Initiative, REI will cover the cost. If a contribution is required from candidates, they will be notified.
  • Health and liability insurances will have to be taken care of by the candidates themselves and will not be reimbursed by REI. However, like any other employee, a REI fellow or professor is covered by Radboud's insurance during their work.

Costs concerning research

Please note: the department or faculty will receive a so-called bench fee of € 500 for every full month that a fellow or professor works with them.

  • Costs of an office space, a laptop or PC, office supplies etc. will not be paid separately by REI. The monthly 'bench fee' is meant to cover this.
  • Research costs or consumables will not be paid separately by REI. This incorporates costs such as: materials, lab space, permits, computer time, time on other specialised equipment, test animals, compensation for participants, assistance (e.g. by lab technicians, student assistants), etc.
  • For Radboud Excellence fellows the cost of visiting conferences will be covered by REI* to a maximum of € 2,500 for the full two-year period. Other travel expenses will not be covered by REI.
  • When candidates want to organise a workshop or conference on campus, REI can contribute to the cost* to a maximum of € 1,000.
  • Publications in Open Access will be covered by REI.* Unfortunately, other publications will not be financed by REI.

An estimated budget

When nominating a candidate, you need to include a proposed budget. This budget will include expected costs and how these will be financed. Please note that not all costs will be covered by Radboud Excellence Initiative. Therefore, we as your Financial Department to check and approve the budget, in order to avoid future misunderstandings. Please use the example budget (xlsx, 38 kB) to see what kind of costs could be included in the budget.

*Costs marked with * will first be paid by the department, research institute or faculty, and will be claimed back from the Radboud Excellence Initiative 3 times a year by the financial controller.