The Initiative: a summary

Radboud Excellence Initiative

The Radboud Excellence Initiative was started to foster academic partnerships and to strengthen international bonds between Radboud University and the wider international academic community. The Initiative enables outstanding researchers and professors to come to Radboud University or Radboudumc to work and contribute to their research groups. The Radboud Excellence Initiative welcomes applications from all fields.

The Fellowships are open to non-Dutch researchers based outside the Netherlands, who have no previous study or work experience in the Netherlands and who obtained their doctorate no longer than eight years before the application date. They will be offered a two-year employment contract with excellent secondary conditions.

The Professorships are offered to those who have made a significant impact in their discipline (ERC Advanced level or similar) and who can be expected to remain active as researchers for several years to come. Professorships are intended for non-Dutch professors based outside the Netherlands. A professorship consists of one or more visit of six months maximum in total, during which time the professors will keep their employment at their home university. Read more on the timing of the professorship.

Candidates must be put forward by a designated nominator, a Radboud researcher who received certain grants or prizes for their research. In addition, deans of Radboud faculties and directors of research institutes are eligible to nominate candidates. Read more on who can act as a nominator.

The Initiative aims to pay a fair salary and cover extra costs as much as possible. However, research costs will not be covered by the Initiative. To help pay for extra costs such as office space, computer equipment and overhead, the Initiative pays the faculty a monthly € 500 bench fee for every Fellow or Professor. In order to avoid future problems or misunderstandings, we ask nominators to consult their finance department to check the proposed budget for their nomination. Read more on the financial details.

Please check all the criteria before deciding to take part, and read all about the procedures and other details on these pages.

The next deadline for nominations is 1st November 2022, 23.59 h.