Student Information Point

The Student Information Point Faculty of Arts (STIP) is the central place at the Faculty of Arts for all your questions about your studies. Meet Kim van Oyen, employee at STIP.

Interview STIP fotoWith what kind of questions can students come to STIP?
The information desk at STIP is specifically designed for students and lecturers from the Faculty of Arts. It's the first place where they can go with any kind of questions about their studies. If we can't answer a specific question, we always know the person who can.

What specific services does STIP offer for international students?Within STIP we have the International Office, which is run by Radboud International Officer Maaike van Gerven. She helps and assists incoming and outgoing exchange students from the Faculty of Arts to arrange their stay. At our information desk, we often help students with Osiris and Blackboard and other things with their studies that differ from how they are handled in their home countries.

What question do international students ask you most?
Usually the question if they can change some of the courses they are following! Sometimes courses are different from what they expected, but it is usually no problem to help them with this issue. We also help students who want to prolong their studies here in Nijmegen.

What is your opinion on Radboud's international community?
I think it keeps getting better! Our Faculty of Arts strives to simplify the procedure to apply for an exchange programme here at Radboud University, by making the whole application procedure online. This makes the whole procedure go smoothly. We also offer the opportunity to have a conversation with Maaike to answer any questions before coming to Nijmegen, which international exchange students often make use of. They can come here knowing that everything will be arranged in a friendly and efficient manner.

What kind of events does STIP host in collaboration with the International Office?
International students can join our Buddy programme, in which they are teamed up with Dutch students, in order to get to know each other's cultures and to do fun activities. We host Faculty days for International Master students as well, in order to introduce them to our Faculty and its facilities. During the Christmas period, dinners are hosted and otherwise students can enjoy themselves during karaoke nights and much more.

How do international students experience Radboud University?
I often hear that students appreciate our personal approach. Here at Radboud University, you are not just a number. We strive to create an open environment where our students feel welcomed, which is why Maaike and the STIP can be reached easily. Small things like offering students 'pepernoten' (a Dutch treat) whilst taking our time to help them at our information desk, makes the whole Radboud experience more personal. I really enjoy hearing where international students are from as well!

How does STIP communicate with international students?
First of all, our website is in English. Of course all of our study guides are offered in English as well. Maaike also manages different Facebook groups, especially for international students, such as the Facebook group for the Buddy programme.

Any questions for the STIP on your (future) studies at the Faculty of Arts at Radboud University? Their information desk in room E7.02 is open from Monday to Thursday between 8:30 and 17:00 and on Friday between 8:30 and 16:00. The student information desk can also be contacted by e-mail ( and telephone (+3124-36 12196).