Mission Statement

The academic researchers at the Faculty of Arts have two clear and coherent objectives: to turn students into academics and to focus our research on the products of the human mind, which, in addition to basic material needs, makes life worth living.

studentsThrough the critical study of historical, linguistic, and cultural awareness, we not only manage the intellectual treasures of our society, but also facilitate our students’ acquisition of a relativistic attitude toward ‘pseudo-securities’ with which we are presented daily. After graduation, they become integrated into society as citizens who are practical intellectuals above all else; an Arts scholar seeks to impart knowledge and enthusiasm to others, by teaching them to view reality around us more incisively and ask perceptive questions about it. In this way, our alumni, given their substantive conceptual grounding, form the cultural elite in society. Although these characteristics are difficult to assess in monetary terms, in the eyes of the Faculty they are the indispensable foundation of a viable society.

With excellent research in the field of linguistics, we contribute to one of Radboud University’s nine leading fields. In addition, our research is in line with the research profiles ‘Europe and its worlds’ and ‘Language and communication’, which are both on the University’s academic and social agenda. Within these profiles, we innovate and reinforce research in the humanities and promote collaboration with colleagues within the broader humanities. We do this by striving for strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, embedded in national and international networks.

The Faculty also focuses on applied research, where social or commercial issues are investigated in collaboration with social partners or the business community. Research findings should not be exclusively accessible to the academic community – disseminating research findings to a broader audience is essential and is one of the responsibilities of our researchers. PhD candidates play a central role in the Faculty’s research. For this reason we devote considerable attention to guiding and schooling them in the Graduate School for the Humanities.