Zoek in de site...

I have an organization in mind to approach, but I have no idea what I could do for them. And now?

Enter the conversation! Read the factsheet for students and discuss the factsheet for organizations during a (telephone) conversation with the organization of your interest. It is important that an organization is aware of the ‘rules of the game’ for the course. As far as the subject is concerned, you can discuss everything in the field of internal or external communication. Ask an organization, for example, where they run into communication problems. Do they know who their target group is? What do they do in the field of social media? Is there perhaps something that cannot be executed because there is no time, money or manpower? Think of the knowledge you have gained during your bachelor study, your other master courses or your own interests that you can use to get closer.

A list of subjects from the past:

  • Target group analysis
  • Research on website (target group/use)
  • Use of social media/online findability
  • Marketing research
  • Set up a communication plan
  • Establish an internal communication plan
  • Use of the (correct) communication tools
  • Take a closer look at internal reporting