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Arts Career week

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Improve your skills & Increase your network

As a student you benefit from insights into what you can do after your studies. You are widely employable as a Faculty of Arts student. You can strengthen various fields with your knowledge and skills. Do you choose international jobs, is it communication where your passion lies? There are many possibilities, but you will have to find out for yourself what suits you best.

Career Service Arts is organizing the Arts Career Week especially for you from Monday 17 April to Thursday 20 April 2023. Get enriched with ideas about your future by following workshops and webinars to work on your personal skills and come into contact with alumni and organizations from the fields where Humanities scientists work. Below you will find the full program. Click on the registration button to register directly for one or more sessions/workshops.

Visual Arts Career Week 2023

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You can find the full program here. Sign up for one or more sessions via the button below

Why the Arts Career Week

As an academic you have more to offer than you may think: thanks to your academic basis, you are widely employable and you can strengthen various organisations with your knowledge and skills.

At the same time your studies do not lead you to a specific profession. Do you want to become a teacher or operate as a communication specialist? Are you thinking of starting your own business or would you rather do a traineeship? There are plenty of opportunities, but you'll have to find out what suits you best.

Preparation Arts Career Week

How do you prepare for the Arts Career Week? Read it here (pdf, 42 kB)!