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Career Market

Wednesday 19 April 14.30 - 16.3oh

Besides questions such as "What can I do with my studies?" and "What do I have to offer a potential employer?", it is important to know which organizations you can end up at in the first place. The Career Market will feature more than 25 companies from different industries, such as "media and communications," "government and administration," "education, education & linguistics" and "arts, culture and heritage. Stroll along the stands, engage in conversation, ask questions and get informed about internships and (side) jobs. In addition, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your network.

Additionally, you can have your CV checked by one of our Career Officers from Career Service during the Career Market.

So whether or not you have a good idea of what you want to do after graduation, come to the Career Market!

On this page, you will find the organisations present at the Career Market by field of work.

Teaching, Education & Linguistics
Organisatie Thema Beschrijving

Trainees in onderwijs


Traineeships Trainees in Onderwijs is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to creating new good people in education.

Bureau ICE


Educational improvement and optimisation Bureau ICE is committed to improving and inspiring education through test development.

Taal naar Keuze


Hybrid language teaching Taal naar Keuze offers schools hybrid language teaching in languages of pupils' own choice, including the home languages of multilinguals.

Cross your Borders


Citizenship projects and education

Cross your Borders organises interactive citizenship projects and world school trips, through which they aim to inspire young people to get involved in the world around them.

Emma Handson


Service and consultancy firm Emma Handson offers copywriting, note-taking, consulting, reporting and editing services.



Volunteer centre Vrijwilligerscentrale Nijmegen assists volunteers and companies with information and advice, help in finding suitable volunteering opportunities or support in working with volunteers.

Art, Culture & Heritage
Organisatie Thema Beschrijving



Literary organisation De Wintertuin organises festivals, literature programmes and workshops with the aim of making connections between readers and writers, literature and other art forms, innovation and mainstream, and art and society.

Cinimma Productions


Production company CiNimma is the production company of film journalist Ruud Vos and produces film reviews, interviews and other film-related stuff.

Erfgoed Brabant


Knowledge and expertise centre Erfgoed Brabant is the provincial knowledge and expertise centre for heritage and aim to embed heritage as a permanent and nurturing value in society.



Historical information centre

Brabants Historisch informatiecentrum is the centre for history, genealogy and local history in North Brabant.

De Nieuwe Oost


Talent development We mentor promising new creators and develop surprising projects and performances for audiences at home and abroad.
Government & governance
Organisatie Thema Beschrijving

GroenLinks Nijmegen


Political party GroenLinks is a progressive party, committed to sustainability.

Gemeente Nijmegen


Government Gemeente Nijmegen implements national and its own policies, which are of direct relevance to the residents of Nijmegen.

Richting Zuid


Traineeships Richting Zuid has a heart for society and uses the qualities of trainees to make Limburg stronger, showing their trainees the different sides of the government profession.



Socio-cultural and economic integration EURegio aims to boost cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany to increase economic strength and quality of life and improve the integration of the border region.



Government IND handles residence applications and an asylum and naturalisation application.
Media & Communication
Organisatie Thema Beschrijving



Strategic communications agency Connect is a strategic communications agency and works on topics that affect people, and on socially relevant projects.

Einder communicatie


Creative-strategic communication agency Einder Communicatie is a creative-strategic communication agency in Nijmegen of consultants and makers, with experts in the sectors of living, caring and learning.

Loo van Eck


Communication training and advice Loo van Eck is a communications agency and helps people and organisations improve their written and oral communication.

Digital Layers


Digital agency Digital Layers is a digital agency, creating innovative websites and effective campaigns, among other things.




RWS is a world leader in technological language, content and intellectual property services, helping organisations remove barriers to communication and find better ways to connect with their audiences.

Business services
Organisatie Thema Beschrijving



Consultancy firm Addvisor is a company accelerator and helps technically innovative and creative companies from the top 10 sectors to excellent entrepreneurship.

LVWB fundraising


Fundraising LVWB Fundraising is a trusted partner for all fundraising, sponsorship, patronage and private givers and donors issues.



Ensuring sustainable transformation Valcon is a European consulting, technology and data company whose mission is to combine premium consulting with deep technology and data knowledge to add value to our clients.



Internship and start-up agency

StageMax matches and guides HBO- and WO-candidates for the ideal internship, graduation project or entry-level job.



Media company Virtùmedia is a publishing house and creative and entrepreneurial media company that focuses on creating content tailored to the needs of its target audience.

Career Service


Career counselling Career Service supports students in their first steps into the job market. We do this through workshops, CV checks, personal conversations and the Career Orientation toolbox in Brightspace.

Kraft Heinz


Food Service Kraft Heinz Company, also known as KHC, is an American food manufacturer.



Webshop Bol.com has welcomed its 50,000th sales partner. Since 2011, bol.com has been developing from a webshop to an e-commerce platform on which Dutch and Belgian entrepreneurs, mostly SMEs, sell their items.



Youth Network AIESEC is a global youth network. We offer young people the opportunity to develop their leadership through practical experiences.