Faculty of Arts
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Important websites

Work and internship

  1. Study in Holland - information about the educational system, working in the Netherlands and scholarships for example
  2. Work in Holland - information about working in the Netherlands
  3. Get prepared - to find out what is applicable to your situation
  4. Job in the Netherlands - career advice and coaching for expats in The Netherlands.

General authorities

  1. Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) - general information for internationals about staying in the Netherlands and permits among others
  2. UWV - for companies who want to apply for a work permit
  3. Gemeente Nijmegen - information for expats in Nijmegen, website of the local government
  4. Study in Holland / healthcare insurance – information about a healthcare insurance for international students and for whom it is applicable

Language related websites

  1. Study in Holland / learn Dutch - information about the importance of learning Dutch and links to several useful websites
  2. Radboud in’to Languages - information about Dutch courses in Nijmegen among others

Recruitment jobboards and agencies for internationals

  1. Undutchables - recrtuiment partner for internationals for temporary and permanent jobs
  2. Adams’multilingual recruitment - Adams specialises in matching multilingual and native English speakers with exciting job opportunities in international companies in the Netherlands and abroad
  3. Together abroad - job board for internationals with jobs in the Netherlands

Important internship documents for international students

  1. Internship agreement (pdf, 1,1 MB)
  2. Application form for internships of the Faculty of Arts (Bachelor / Master)
  3. Important document about part-time jobs for international students (pdf, 59 kB)