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Work after graduation

This section is for international students who are registered in a full-time Bachelor`s or Master`s programme at the Faculty of Arts and who would like to work in the Netherlands after graduation.

Work after graduation, promotion or research

The information below is from the website of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service. There are general conditions that apply to everyone.

EU/EEA countries and Switzerland
You have the nationality of an EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland. You do not need a residence permit or work permit to live and work in the Netherlands. You do not need to report to the IND.

Having a valid passport shows that you are staying here lawfully and that you are allowed to work. Does an organisation or company still ask you for proof of lawful stay from the IND? You can show them this letter (pdf, 27 kB) (Dutch only).

Non-EU/EEA countries
You have graduated or obtained a PhD or performed scientific research and wish to find a job or start your own company. You live abroad or are still in the Netherlands. You need a residence permit 'orientation year highly educated persons'. What are the conditions and how do you apply? (Please note that other conditions may apply for Turkish citizens and their family members)

  • You have not previously had a residence permit to look for work after study, doctoral programme or scientific research on the basis of completing the same study or doctoral programme or performing the same scientific research. Have you completed various study programmes or doctoral programmes, or have you performed various scientific researches? The orientation year can be granted after each completed study programme or doctoral programme or after each performed scientific research. However, this study programme, doctoral programme or scientific research must have been completed or performed after your previous orientation year.
  • In the past three years you have;
    • completed an accredited Bachelor's or Master's programme in the Netherlands; or
    • done scientific research. You have had a residence permit for the purpose of scientific research within the meaning of EU Directive 2005/71/EC  in the Netherlands or a residence permit as a highly skilled migrant to undertake scientific research in the Netherlands; or
    • completed a postdoctoral programme of at least an academic year (a minimum of 10 months) in the Netherlands; or
    • completed a study in relation to the Cultural Policy Act; or
    • completed a study that is provided in relation to the development cooperation policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; or
    • obtained a Master's degree in the context of an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course; or
    • completed a higher education programme designated by Ministerial Decree; or
    • completed a Master's or postdoctoral programme or obtained a PhD at a designated international educational institution* abroad and you:

* A designated international educational institutions is listed in the top 200 of one of the general ranking lists or in the top 200 of one of the available ranking lists by subject field - that correspond with your field of study or research field- of the:

Fill in the application form, which also lists the documents you need for your application. The information above and specific information with regards to your nationality can be found on this website.